Older Carers

The POPPI (Projecting Older People Population Information system) published figures concerning older carers showing that by 2018 there will be over 1 million carers in England who are over the age of 65 yrs.

Their figures for Chester West and Cheshire are as follows:

older carers table

In response to these national figures Age UK launched a campaign to encourage the government, NHS and local authorities to provide greater financial, practical and emotional support for older carers including introducing a carers allowance for pensioners.

They asked for anyone over 60 yrs who looks after a spouse, family member or friend who has a disability or poor health to contact them and tell them how they care, what support they get and to identify three things that would help them look after and support their loved one/s and improve life for them as older carers.

Comments emailed will be presented to the Government Minister responsible for the care system.

Further information can be found by telephoning 020 8765 7626 or from the Age UK website link

The two Age UK documents on Older Carers can be downloaded by clicking on the pictures below:

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